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Borrow a sand wheelchair at Formby

Sand wheelchairs available to borrow at Formby
Sand wheelchairs available to borrow at Formby | © Harriet Wilkinson

We have two sand wheelchairs that you can borrow for free, one at each car park. The wheelchairs are designed to be pushed by someone and come with big, wide tyres, increasing the surface area and helping to prevent sinking on sand.

Here’s some useful information;

♿️Work best on slightly damp sand on the beach.

♿️They can also be used on sandy woodland paths.

♿️We need a couple of days’ notice if you would like to book a sand wheelchair.

♿️There are two daily booking slots morning 10am – 12pm and afternoon 1pm – 3pm (you may be able to book out for both sessions if available).

♿️We recommend heading to Lifeboat Road for beach access as there is a boardwalk.

♿️At Victoria Road the beach is accessed over a high dune. But you're welcome to use the sand wheel chair through the sandy woodland paths.

♿️On the day of your booking simply head to the welcome team at the Victoria Road trailer in the woodland car park or the National Trust van in the Lifeboat Road car park.

♿️On the day you will need to fill in a brief disclaimer form and leave your contact details.

♿️Please return the wheelchair on time so that we can get them ready for the next person or safely pack them away.

Get in touch to request a sand wheelchair

Email us at to request to book a sand wheelchair. Let us know your preferred date and time and one of the team will get back to you.