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Improving our facilities at Morston Quay

Boats in front of the National Trust Information Centre and observation point at Morston Quay.
Boats in front of the National Trust Information Centre and observation point at Morston Quay. | © Robert Morris

A planned permanent building at Morston Quay, including accessible toilet facilities, will help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors, whilst being sensitive to the unique character of the site and the important wildlife in the area.

Facilities at Morston Quay

Morston Quay remains as popular as ever with the wide range of visitors we welcome each year – including those who come for the seal boat trips to Blakeney Point, for sailing and water sports, for the picturesque walks along the popular Norfolk Coast Path, or simply to enjoy a cuppa and cake in this beautiful place.

Whilst visitors can rely on receiving a warm welcome from our staff and volunteers, there is room for improving the facilities we have on site.

In particular, the current toilets for visitors, housed in one of two temporary buildings, are hard-pressed to meet demand during busier periods and are not fully accessible.

There are changes we would like to make to improve the accessibility of the site as a whole, including making improvements to the car park and footpaths.

Furthermore, there is limited space on site to support all our operational needs, including a lack of office, storage, and rest spaces for National Trust staff and volunteers,

Improving accessibility

To better meet the needs of all our visitors, we plan to upgrade the facilities at Morston Quay with:

  • A new, permanent single-storey building, providing modern, fully accessible toilets for our visitors, as well as spaces to support our on-site operations;

  • Improved surface and layout of the car park, with marked parking bays and a designated parking area for visitors with disabilities;

  • A new accessible footpath connecting the new permanent building with the existing visitor welcome building and café.

Whilst preserving the special character of Morston Quay

The improved facilities will help provide a better visitor experience, enabling everyone to enjoy Morston Quay with equal ease and dignity.

At the same time, we are acutely aware of the importance of making sure that any changes are not detrimental to the unique character of Morston Quay.

This will be a key consideration throughout our planning for the new building and other on-site improvements. Another key priority for us is to make sure that the improved amenities do not have a detrimental impact on the important wildlife in the area.

Sharing our plans

We are looking forward to sharing our plans in more detail with local residents, businesses, boat owners who use the Quay, and all those with an interest in this special place. News and updates on our plans will also be posted below.

Latest news

29 September 2023

Initial plans shared with Morston Parish Council

After completing the required site surveys during the summer, we have now shared an initial proposal for the design of the new building and other site changes with Morston Parish Council (at their meeting on 27 September 2023). 

Subject to planning permission being granted, the project would see the removal of the two portacabins that are currently used for visitor toilets and storage. 

The new permanent building would be sited adjacent to where the portacabins currently stand, along the Eastern edge of the car park – shown on the site map below.  

Our preliminary design is for a single-storey building, with visitor toilets (including an accessible toilet and a changing place) and other space to support our on-site operations (office use, storage, staff and volunteer rest area).    

We will shortly be submitting the plans to North Norfolk District Council for pre-app advice. The outcome of this will inform the detailed design and enable us to define the cost of the building and associated works. 

We aim to submit a planning application towards the end of 2023. 

Morston Quay site map showing location of planned new permanent building.
Morston Quay site map showing location of planned new permanent building. | © .