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Silent Space at Cherryburn

Flowers and grass with pink deckchairs and the Cherryburn museum behind
Cherryburn museum in summer | © Rachel Ladd

Cherryburn's new silent space offers quiet reflection and time away from the outside world.

The Silent Space at Cherryburn

The Silent Space is located in the quietest area of the Cherryburn garden. We liaised with local accessible groups and found that this area was where they would choose to go if they found themselves overwhelmed.

There is a bench that overlooks the Tyne Valley, with views of the neighbouring farmer working in his tractor across the fields. The cows are often mooing in the background whilst the bees buzz around the wildflowers in our paddock. For most of the year we have sheep in the paddock next to the space offering a friendly face if you need it. If you sit in the space long enough, you might catch the train pootling past in the distance.

A lovely space to sit and away from most visitors, it offers some peace and quiet surrounded by nature. Access to the silent space bench is steep, but our friendly staff are on hand to help if required.

The Garden at Cherryburn

The recently redesigned garden space at Cherryburn is an accessible space with more seating, wheelchair-friendly and pushchair-friendly paths, ready to welcome you.

The garden is designed to support wildlife and to remain characteristic of the natural landscape as Thomas Bewick would have experienced it.

In fact, the key ‘rules’ for the garden are that all the plants must be recognisable to Bewick and/or that they will encourage wildlife to thrive.

The garden project celebrates the legacy of Thomas Bewick with features and designs inspired by him and his work, ready to delight many more generations of visitors.

Our Partnership with Silent Space

The Silent Space project is a registered charity which runs nationwide, offering spaces for quiet observation and contemplation in a world that's constantly on the move and demanding our attention. You can find out more about their work at