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Visiting Cherryburn: what you need to know

Detail of printing equipment in Thomas Bewick's Press Room at Cherryburn, Northumberland. Including punches and wooden letter and number blocks.
Detail of printing equipment in Thomas Bewick's Press Room at Cherryburn, Northumberland. Including punches and wooden letter and number blocks. | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

Welcome to Cherryburn. In this short article, you can find out all the practical information needed to enjoy a visit to Cherryburn once we open again in Spring 2023.

When you arrive

Please have your booking details and membership card to hand when you arrive.

Visitors are asked to arrive at the start of your 30-minute timeslot, late comers may not be admitted. We offer a tailored outdoor introduction to the property – if you are late you may miss this. The property closes at 4pm.

Please come dressed for the weather, with sturdy footwear.

Parking and accessible parking at Cherryburn

We have a small car park, free to all booked visitors. If you need to access the drop off area, please contact us before your visit at either or 01661 843276.

Things to note for your visit

  • The garden project has seen quite a few changes. Some of the plants are only just starting to come through, whilst other areas will take until next year to start to grow. The garden is evolving and we hope you enjoy regular visits to see how it develops over time.
  • There are no animals at the moment and we are managing the paddock as a wildflower meadow, letting the flowers bloom for bees and butterflies.

What facilities are open?

Birthplace of famous artist and naturalist Thomas Bewick

19th Century farmhouse – later home of the Bewick family – now a museum

Delightful cottage gardens.

How to book

As Cherryburn is a small property, with a small team caring for it, the property is open on Thursdays and Fridays only and you need to book in advance to visit. Cherryburn is now closed for winter and will reopen at the end of March 2023. You will be able to make bookings approximately two weeks in advance of the property reopening date, please keep an eye out on the website for updates.

When you visit:

  • Entry and parking is free for members, but please bring your membership card with you. Non-members will need to pay in advance.
  • Please book one ticket per person, except for children aged 5 or under as they don't need a ticket.
  • You'll need to choose a 30-minute arrival time for the day you want to visit.
  • The timeslot is for your arrival time only
  • Bookings are for your use only and are not available for resale

We'll send your booking confirmation by email. Please make sure you fill in your correct email address when you book to ensure you receive your confirmation email.

If your plans change and you can’t make your timeslot, you can easily change or cancel your booking. We really appreciate you doing this as soon as possible so the tickets can be made available for other visitors.

If you’re a member, the option to cancel or change your booking can be found in your confirmation email by selecting ‘view and manage your order online’ underneath your order summary.

For non-members, please ring us on 0344 249 1895 to discuss changing your booking.

Staying safe

In England, wearing a face covering is a personal choice, although they are recommended in crowded and enclosed places.

If you’re showing any symptoms of coronavirus, or if you’ve been in contact with anyone that has the virus in the last 14 days, please don’t visit.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Cherryburn in 2023.