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Tips for walking near livestock at Wallington

Six black cows stand on the horizon in a field of long, yellow-green grass.
Cattle on the Wallington Estate | © National Trust Images / Arnhel de Serra

Like large parts of Northumberland, the wider estate at Wallington is very agricultural, with several cattle and sheep farms. Here’s our guide to staying safe around the animals when you’re walking along the footpaths and trails on the Wallington Estate.

Follow the Countryside Code

Agriculture has shaped the landscape we see today. To help keep Wallington safe and enjoyable for everyone, we recommend that you follow the Countryside Code on your visit.

Walking near livestock

Additionally, here are some tips to help you stay safe around the livestock you may encounter on the farmland:

Try not to startle livestock

As you’re approaching, whistle or talk to the livestock so they’re aware of your presence. If you then walk past calmly and quietly, the animals are more likely to ignore you.

Cattle may become excitable or frightened by large groups, so try to keep members of your group calm and quiet as you pass.

A family cycles on a narrow path alongside a fenced field containing a large cow on the estate at Wallington, Northumberland.
There can be livestock close to cycle paths at Wallington | © National Trust Images / Chris Lacey

Don’t panic or run if cattle approach you

Cows can be very inquisitive and may move towards you, but they will usually stop before they reach you. If this happens, be confident and don’t panic. If you run, they may try to follow you.

Think ahead

Don’t allow yourself to become cornered by a group of cattle. They may just be curious, but cows pushing from the back of the herd could cause those in front to panic if they are forced too close to you.

If you find cattle blocking your way, clap your hands loudly as you approach and they should move out of your way. If not, leave the path and go round them.

Take extra care when livestock are with their young

Don’t get between mothers and their young. Most are very protective and can become aggressive. Make sure you give them lots of space.

Leave all gates as you find them

A farmer might have closed a gate to stop their livestock from wandering or left a gate open to let their animals move more freely. Do your bit to help farmers by leaving all gates as you find them.

A corner view of Wallington showing the south front and side of the house

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