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Things to see and do at Badbury

Trees at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire
Trees at Badbury Clump | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

Badbury is a great place to explore and discover some of the native tree and bird species in the UK. It is known that spending time outdoors in forests and woods is good for everyone's mental health and wellbeing, so why not see what you can spot at Badbury or indulge in some forest bathing?

Spotting nature at Badbury

Tree and bird spotting are great activities to do on your own or with family and friends, so why not give them a go? Take a meander through the woods near Badbury Hill and see how many trees and birds you can identify by downloading and using these guides to help you.

Every spring you can meander the paths through a carpet of bluebells amongst the beech trees in the area known as Badbury Clump. Just remember to stick to the paths and tread carefully to ensure these flowers come back year after year.

Discover Badbury’s past on a short walk

Follow the pink route to enjoy a short woodland walk taking in the Iron Age hillfort. Legend has it that King Arthur himself led the Celtic British victory here. You will also see an almost forgotten firing range, used to prepare Britain’s secret resistance fighters during the Second World War.

Visitors among trees at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire
Visitors among trees at Badbury Clump | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

Activities for families

Did you know that the National Trust has compiled a list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾'? Young explorers can tick several off their list at Badbury, such as get to know a tree, build a den and have fun with sticks.

Autumn trees at Badbury, Oxfordshire
Autumn trees at Badbury | © National Trust Images/Rachael Warren

Forest bathing at Badbury Woods

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing is the Japanese practice of relaxation and is a very ancient process. In Japan it's known as 'shinrin yoku'. 'Shinrin' means forest and 'yoku' means bath, so it literally means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking the forest in through our senses.

Who can do forest bathing?

Everybody! Whether you're one or 100 (or any age in between) you can have a go at this nature activity.

It's brilliant fun for both adults and children and something a bit different to try. It's really useful in teaching and honing concentration and mindfulness skills whilst also learning from each other and the natural environment around you.

You can do forest bathing on your own, in a group or with the children. If you're going to bring the children along, we advise supervising them at all times, and watch out for those stinging nettles and brambles.

Where and when can I do forest bathing?

Badbury Woods is the perfect place to unwind and have a moment or two to yourself. With its winding paths, beautiful vistas and hidden places it's has a wonderfully meditative atmosphere.

You can do forest bathing at any time throughout the year. We recommend visiting Badbury at the quieter times or outside peak hours, however there are so many spaces you can usually find a quiet spot.

Two visitors walk past many bluebells in bloom under the trees at Badbury Clump, Oxfordshire

Discover more at Badbury

Find out how to get to Badbury, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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