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Our work at White Horse Hill

Aerial view of volunteers re-chalking the bronze-age horse figure at White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire
Volunteers working on the preservation of the horse figure | © National Trust Images/Mike Calnan/James Dobson

As part of our work to safeguard the future of White Horse Hill, we’re widening areas of the chalk figure. This will counter the gradual narrowing that has taken place as grass encroaches on the outlines of the horse. This means we won't be holding our usual 're-chalking' event this year, but you can still lend a hand to help preserve the horse on August bank holiday weekend.

A skilled team of archaeologists are working in partnership with the National Trust on the project. Some of the top layer of chalk currently on the horse will be carefully re-distributed.

We've been advised not to host a 're-chalking' event this year whilst the widening work is being carried out.

Throughout its three-thousand-year history, the frequency of chalking has often changed, due to changing traditions and custodians. We also need to reflect the conservation needs of this special site. The long-term preservation of this unique chalk figure is our priority.

There will still be an opportunity to be involved in looking after the horse over the August bank holiday weekend. You can help us with 'scouring' of the horse - the traditional name for removing weeds and encroaching vegetation from the figure.

You'll need to pre-book to take part - look out for event information on the what's on section of our website soon.

Thank you

With your ongoing support, we're able to continue our vital conservation work. Thank you for helping to protect these special places.

A view from the head of Uffington White Horse, White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire. The undulating hillside stretches down towards green pasture and golden crop fields in the distance.

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