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Things to see and do at Stainsby Mill

Mill cog closeup
Stainsby Mill Mechanism | © David Levenson

For hundreds of years, Stainsby has occupied this site in varying forms. Over time, this water mill has provided flour to locals and to the Hardwick Estate.

Discover Stainsby Mill

On your visit, explore free-flow or enjoy informative tours from our knowledgeable Mill guides. Whether your interest is industrial, social or historical, Stainsby offers an immersive experience for all.

Though the Mill is not currently producing flour, visitors can enjoy an insight into mill life.

Victorian Waterwheel

Between 1849-50 the mainly wooden machinery including the wheel was replaced by the more modern cast and wrought iron. This is the wheel you can see today on your visit to Stainsby.

Stainsby Mill on the Hardwick Estate, Derbyshire
Stainsby Mill on the Hardwick Estate | © National Trust Images/Robert Morris


Though we are not currently milling, visitors can take a close look at our original mill stones and follow the flow of grain through each process as it would work its way through the mill.

Restored workings inside Stainsby Mill, a working, water-powered flour mill on the Hardwick Hall Estate, Derbyshire
Restored workings inside Stainsby Mill | © National Trust Images/David Levenson

Hidden Histories

Take a closer look at the inside and outside of the mill. Do you notice any external alterations? Or perhaps some initials which give an inisght into the mills occupiers?

The Bigger Picture

After your tour of the mill, explore the Mill Ponds to discover how Stainsby functioned as part of a wider self-sufficient estate.

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