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Things to see and do at Cadbury Camp

A winter view from Cadbury Camp
A winter view from Cadbury Camp | © National Trust/James Eley

Sweeping views can be found from the top of Cadbury Camp with buzzards circling overhead, amazing sunsets over the Bristol Channel, wild flowers in spring and a variety of fungi in autumn.

Wildlife at Cadbury Camp

There are a variety of habitats at Cadbury Camp, which make it an important site for nature conservation. The limestone grassland is a great spot to see a variety of wild flowers, such as wild thyme, harebell, eyebright and rockrose. Look out for greater butterfly orchids in the ash woodland. If you're lucky, you might see the day-flying six-spot burnet moth or the silver-washed fritillary butterfly.

Walking on Cadbury Camp

A walk on Cadbury Camp is well worth the steep climb up the path from Tickenham Village Hall or you can try the less challenging Cadbury Camp ramble via the golf course.

Views across Somerset

Enjoy the wonderful views out towards the Bristol Channel and across Somerset. From here, you can see Worlebury Hill, Sand Point, Flat Holme, Steep Holme, Crook Peak and the Mendips.

Did you know?

During World War II, the camp was used as a searchlight battery to locate enemy aircraft, so they could be shot down before releasing bombs on Bristol.

Visitor walking uphill on a path surrounded by greenery at Godolphin Hill, on the estate at Godolphin, Cornwall

Discover Cadbury Camp

Find out how to get to Cadbury Camp, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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A winter view from Cadbury Camp

The Iron Age past of Cadbury Camp 

The gentle grass banks of Cadbury Camp are not a natural feature of the landscape but were created by man and once lived in by ancestors about whom there are only a few clues.

A winter view from Cadbury Camp

Our work at Cadbury Camp 

We have entered into a Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement with Natural England to help us manage Cadbury Camp. Find out about what this means.