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Things to see and do at Shalford Mill

Shalford Mill on the Tillingbourne river, Surrey
Shalford Mill on a summer day | © National Trust Images/Derek Croucher

Shalford Mill sits on the Tillingbourne stream and is as much a part of the medieval village as the old church and pub over the road. With its well-preserved machinery and lingering scents of grain and tallow, the mill remains an evocative reminder of working village life.

Closed for 2024

Please note that Shalford Mill is currently closed for essential conservation works.

The Ferguson Gang

Discover the story of this enigmatic group at the exhibition in the mill. These well-educated, eccentric young women were true conservationists, whose aim was to raise awareness of the need to protect rural areas.

After forming in 1927, they raised huge sums to protect and preserve important buildings and land that could otherwise have been destroyed – Shalford Mill was their first donation to the National Trust. They also held their meetings sitting around the millstone on the first floor.

Read more about the Gang here

The pitwheel

The huge pitwheel measures 9ft across and was made in Guildford, probably in the 1830s. It sent the power from the waterwheel upwards through the mill and was a vital piece of equipment in the days when the mill was working practically non-stop.

The interior of Shalford Mill
The interior of Shalford Mill | © National Trust Images/Derek Croucher

Drive shafts

The line shafting in the mill, although now missing its leather belts, transferred the energy from the waterwheel around each floor, powering the free-standing machines that were all part of the milling process.

The oat crusher

When demand for flour from small local mills declined, millers had to look for new ways of making money. This oat crusher is possibly evidence of this later diversification of the milling industry.

Graffiti at the mill

Look out for the authentic graffiti dating from 1935, which adds some extra atmosphere to the mill.

The interior of Shalford Mill with mill machinery
The interior of Shalford Mill with mill machinery | © National Trust Images/Derek Croucher
Shalford Mill on the Tillingbourne river, Surrey

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