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Restoring Uppark's historic path network

A stone patterned path with blue flowers and green ferns in the borders in early summer at Uppark House and Garden, West Sussex.
Early summer in the garden at Uppark | © National Trust Images / Andrew Butler

Although Uppark owes much to the vision of renowned landscape designer Humphry Repton, his work incorporated an earlier key element that has since been lost. We're putting that right.

The original network of meandering paths led visitors on a carefully choreographed journey through the garden, with each turn gradually revealing important horticultural features designed to make the most of Uppark's idyllic position high on the South Downs.

Archived plans and photographs offer a glimpse of how the paths may have looked, and archaeological work has confirmed much of the route. While alterations made to the garden during the 20th century detracted from the original vision, work is already under way to restore what was the final significant phase in Uppark's development.

What are we doing?

The project began in 2019 and is running over five years, with the first phase seeing the restoration of the paths across the café lawn. Some work has already been completed, such as the removal of the island beds (a late 20th-century addition), while much of the rest of the work will take place over the winter months to minimise disruption.

Wherever possible, the paths are being constructed from natural materials that closely resemble those originally used. Once completed, year-round access will be significantly improved for everyone.

How you can help

The project is estimated to cost in the region of £50,000 which will be financed through fundraising events and activities.

If you feel able to make a contribution, either as a volunteer or by making a donation, we'd love to hear from you on 01730 825415 or

Two visitors walk up a grassy bank outside the house at Uppark, West Sussex


Everyone needs nature, now more than ever. Donate today and you could help people and nature to thrive at the places we care for.

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