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Uppark House & Garden closure

The West Pavilion at Uppark, West Sussex, with a white cupola on top
The West Pavilion at Uppark | © National Trust Images/Gary Cosham

From 1 January 2024 until at least summer 2025 Uppark House & Garden will be closed so that we can carry out essential repairs and maintenance to improve Uppark’s facilities and secure its future.

Uppark House & Gardens closure

What is happening at Uppark?

From 1 January 2024 we’re closing Uppark House & Gardens to allow work to begin on an essential maintenance project.

This work will focus on essential repairs and upgrading of critical facilities for Uppark’s buildings. Our current biomass boilers will be replaced with new, more efficient ones. The project will also make improvements to Uppark’s water treatment and water storage system. The sewage and electrical systems will also be upgraded, and improvements will be made to the heating system throughout the house.

These are the first steps towards creating conditions that will continue to protect Uppark’s beautiful and historic collections.

Whilst we are sad to have to close our doors to visitors, this will enable the project to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The work will begin with the replacement of the on-site sewerage system by connecting us to the mains system. This will enhance visitor amenities and save money by reducing the need for waste removal.

The next phase of repairs will include updating the electrical and heating systems, then replacing the biomass boilers with more sustainable models.

In addition to these major repairs, a number of smaller conservation, renovation and restoration projects will be carried out. These include deep cleaning of the mansion’s upholstery, carpets and collection items as well as repairing and redecorating visitor facilities including access routes and the café. The gardens will be maintained throughout the project.

During this time Uppark House & Gardens will remain closed to the public to allow the work to take place as quickly and efficiently as possible.