Repairing Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument at sunset

Wellington Monument has stood at the heart of our community for generations. It’s a place where people go to walk their dogs, to cycle, or to enjoy a family picnic. It’s part of our history, and we want to bring the whole community together to make sure it’s part of our future as well. 

The project to repair the monument cost £3.1m, with funding received from many major donors, the Chancellor and money granted through LIBOR funds, Historic England, Highways England and Viridor Credits. It is also with thanks to the community who have also been very generous with their donations that we are able to now say the Wellington Monument is repaired for future generations to enjoy.

In May 2022, the newly-restored Wellington Monument was Highly Commended in the prestigious Museums + Heritage Awards, which celebrate the very best in the world of museums, galleries, cultural and heritage visitor attractions.

To find out more about the restoration project, watch this video.

Latest updates

27 Aug 21

Wellington Monument is fully repaired

£3.1m of repairs have restored monument to better condition than when first completed. At around 175 feet (53m) high it is the tallest three-sided obelisk in the world and people are now able to climb to the top once more .

Repairs at Wellington Monument

31 Mar 21

Community memories saved in monument

Memories in the monument was an opportunity for visitors and those who have a connection with this special place to write a letter of love, a memory or perhaps a story of their time at the monument. We received many letters, photos and poems from the local community and from further afield, alongside donations. During March 2021, as the repairs works began to come to an end, the final touches were added to this monument which means so much to many. The letters have been placed in the heart of the monument and will remain there for the years to come.

Letters from the community are placed in the monument

25 Jan 21

New stonework is revealed

As the scaffolding was taken down it revealed a patchwork of new stones. This lighter coloured stone will weather down, and turn grey just liking the surrounding stones. Each new stone has been individually tooled by a team of stonemasons.

Wellington Monument with patchwork of new stone