Winter wildlife

Pink-footed geese flying at Sheringham Park

Winter is a great time to walk the woodland and heath and to spot a wide variety of wildlife.

Keep and eye and an ear open and you may well see and hear  redwings, fieldfares and bramblings, as well as increased numbers of resident birds like woodcock, which come here from the continent on easterly breezes as the weather there cools.

Lots of different kinds of fungi can be seen.

You may well see foxes, munjac deer, roe deer,  woodmice and  grey sqirrels.

A muntjac deer on the hunt for food
A muntjac deer on the hunt for food
A muntjac deer on the hunt for food

Although they are relatively recent arrivals in North Norfolk and numbers are still low, you may be fortunate and see fallow deer.

There are many adders and slow-worms on the property but they both go into hibernation during the winter. In warm weather adders bask in the sun but slow-worms are more shy and bask in the open less often than adders.  Slow-worms are often mistaken for snakes but they are in fact legless lizards.