West Runton-Flowering update

Foxglove in full flower

After a (little) warm weather and the recent rain, the woodland and heaths are alive with flowers in full blossom.

The property is home to an enormous range of flowers. 

But also keep an eye open for butterflies when the sun is shining, including White Admirals and the Silver-washed Fritillary.

You will have little difficulty spotting these flowers:-


Foxgloves can be seen both in shady woodlands and on the heaths.
They flower from early summer to the autumn.
The tall flower spikes are produced in the plant's second year.
Fantastic foxgloves now in full flower
Foxglove in full flower

Red campion

The  red campion has a bright rose-red flower and hairy leaves and stem. You will spot them under headges and in the woodlands. In the woodland they usually come into flower as the bluebells start to fade. Often they will form a thick carpet.
A carpet of red campion
A carpet of red campion


Bugle has deep blue flowers spikes and blooms between April and July and is attractive to a variety of insects. It spreads by runners that often root.

Spikes of deep blue bugle flowers
Spikes of deep blue bugle flowers

July 2016