Gorse at West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath

There are lots of gorse bushes on the Main Heath and on Incleborough Hill. On a sunny day they make the day even brighter and if you get up close to them, the coconut scent may surprise you!

Everyone will be familiar with the thorny evergreen gorse shrub with its bright yellow flowers. Gorse begins to flower in late autumn and then flowers through winter. Its blooms are at their peak in spring.
It has a strong scent and smells just like coconut.
But from late spring you may see something rather odd, particularly on Incleborough Hill: gorse bushes sometimes completely covered with a strange, tangled, mass of red threads. This is  dodder. The red threads are most prominent in summer.
Dodder (Cuscuta epithymum) is a parasitic, climbing, annual plant which is found on many small shrubs including heather and gorse. What is gorse dodder?