Spring sights and sounds at West Runton and Beeston Regis Heath

A sparrowhawk flying high in the blue sky

It's spring and you can never be sure what you may see or hear while walking in the woods or on the heaths. But you can be sure that, whatever the season and whatever the weather, you will not be disappointed.

Whenever you visit and whatever the weather you are sure to see and hear teriffic sights and sounds.
At the moment the leaves on the deciduous trees are begining to show and primroses are in flower. Very soon the bluebell flowers will be out.
As a guide to what you may see, just look at what Mary Ghullam, a NT countryside ranger, saw and heard  when walking at the property last spring.  Mary wrote:-
“You are never sure what you might see or hear when quietly staring into the tree canopy or skulking in the undergrowth, examining trees.
At the back of Calves Well Lane it was the sudden loud drumming over head of a Great Spotted Woodpecker that startled me.
In the Canadas a Woodcock exploded into zigzag flight through the pines.
Sometimes there’s time to stop and stare. What pleasure there was in watching first one, then two and eventually three unobtrusive Treecreepers working their way up the moss-encrusted bark of an oak, diligently searching for insects, their white under parts gleaming in the late afternoon light. A mixed group of tits flitted from tree to tree, and a solitary Goldcrest rested for a moment in a Birch, before disappearing.
Turning  round towards the gardens at the back of Renwick Park West I caught a glimpse of a Sparrowhawk silently landing on an apple tree before swooping off as stealthily as it came.
A lovely end to a day’s work”
Why not pay us a visit and experience for yourself wonderful sights and sounds. ?
You may be as lucky as Mary was.