Spot the Green Tiger beetles

Green Tiger beetle

As spring progresses, you can see lots of bugs on your walk. A beetle that you may well see is the Green tiger beetle.

Watch your step when you are walking as there may well be a wide variety of bugs and beetles on the ground.
A beetle that you might come across is the Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris). This is the only common and widespread tiger beetle species in the UK.
They can  be found in a range of "heathy" places.  
You can  easily recognise these ground beetles by their irridescent green bodies with yellow spots.
You can see adult Green tiger beetles  from April to September.
Notice their long legs that help to make them agile when hunting for prey. Their large eyes are great for spying potential food.
They can fly short distances and make a buzzing noise when they are flying.
The larvae live in burrows and are often responsible for the little holes you may see in heathland. This is a good time to spot these holes as they are now  emerging from pupation sites.
The only other tiger beetle you might see in Norfolk is the Dune tiger beetle (Cicindela maritima).