Westwood Manor

A topiary sculputre shaped like a house at Westwood Manor in Wiltshire

Westwood Manor may be a small, but - thanks to the care and attention of its current tenants - has a homely feel and interesting rooms.

Please note that Westwood Manor currently remains closed.

Visitors walking through a garden in spring

Visiting this spring 

Our gardens, parks and countryside sites are open. Cafés are takeaway only and shops, houses and other indoor areas are currently closed. The safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors from the nearby community remains our priority. We strongly advise booking your visits in advance, especially over Easter when places may be very busy. Please note that in line with Welsh Government legislation, places in Wales are only open for Welsh residents. Please check the property webpage before you visit and follow government guidance on travel.

Living history

Built over three centuries from the fifteenth century, and adapted and changed on several occassions in its lifetime, it is the most recent restoration that has had the most impact - thanks to the restorers skills and understanding of medieval, Tudor and Jacobean periods.

In 1911 Edgar 'Ted' Lister bought Westwood Manor and with much attention to detail restored it to its 17th-century glory. Taking back alterations he uncovered original wall panelling, ceiling and even original window glazing hidden underneath plaster.

Find rare instruments in the Music Room of Westwood Manor
View of the music room at Westwood Manor in Wiltshire
Find rare instruments in the Music Room of Westwood Manor

The sound of music

The country's earliest Italian keyboard instrument forms part of the collection; a virginal dating from 1537. There is also a spinet, built by Stephen Keene in London, from 1711.

In 2009, with the support of the National Trust and a number of private subscribers, both were restored to full working order and recorded.

" Getting to know an original instrument's particular voice and disposition is immensely rewarding for player and listener alike. In a fascinating and touching way, we become an integral part of that instrument's long history."
- Sophie Yates, musician

Curious topiary

The garden is a tranquil haven with lawns and topiary, and there is little to distract from its peaceful simplicity. Lister created two small pool gardens, now covered in water lilies and home to the rare and protected great-creasted newt.

Wander past unusual yew sculptures at Westwood Manor
Yew topiary at Westwood Manor casting long shadows in the sun
Wander past unusual yew sculptures at Westwood Manor