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Photography and filming at the places we care for

Professional photographer filming at Brimham Rocks
The places in our care offer a wide range of photographic opportunities | © J Shepherd

With grand vistas, historic buildings and panoramic views, the places in our care often provide an inspiring backdrop for photography and filming projects.

Taking pictures for personal use

Taking photographs or filming for private, non-commercial use is welcome at most of the places in our care. This means that any photographs or footage taken must not be used to earn money, promote business or given to photography libraries or agencies.

You're welcome to take photographs or film outdoors, however taking photographs or filming indoors is dependent on the property you're visiting. Please check with the staff or volunteers at the property before using your camera indoors. Using a flash or tripod indoors is not permitted.

Access to take photographs or make films for any other purpose must always be agreed in advance by the correct team.

Weddings, local news and radio

Wedding or engagement photography and local news features are handled at a property level. Please get in touch with the place directly in advance of your project to agree permission and to pay any fees due.

Professional photography and filming

We look after a variety of unique locations available for hire. The locations website enables professionals to search for film-friendly, historically authentic sites, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The money raised from location fees helps to support conservation work at the filming location used, continuing our work in looking after nature, beauty and history for generations to come.

Filming or photography cannot be undertaken at places in our care without a contract in place which has been signed by both parties.

All professional agreements must go through our Filming and Locations Office. Contact us by emailing


Any influencer who wishes to create paid-for or gifted content on social media must pre-book through the Filming and Locations Office. Contact us by emailing

Other commercial activity

Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your project. Some types of activities must be pre-booked via our Filming and Locations Office. These include but are not limited to:

  • Online or TV adverts
  • Music videos
  • Fashion shoots
  • Images for books or newspapers
  • Car dealers looking for backdrops
  • Tourist board activity
  • Local businesses wanting to advertise their products and services
  • Estate agents
  • Promotional films

Use of drones

We don't allow unauthorised drone operation at any of the land, properties or places in our care. More information can be found using the link below.

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A drone pilot flying a drone over the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, with countryside visible in the background and blue skies above.

Flying drones at our places 

All aerial activity above our sites is prohibited unless specific permission is granted, according to an existing byelaw.