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Meet the Pensions Board of Trustees

Visitor enjoying the view of the bay at Rhosili and South Gower Coast, Wales
Taking in the view of the bay at Rhosili and South Gower Coast | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

The Trustees of the Scheme are appointed and may be removed in accordance with the Trust's Deed and Rules. There are eight Trustees, four are chosen by the National Trust (NT) and the other four are Member Nominated trustees (MNTs) and are chosen by members of the Scheme.

Pensions Board of Trustees

Following the election process for the vacancy of a Member Nominated Trustee in December 2022, the elected nominee is Nick Lawrence who will serve a three-year term of office.

Member Nominated Trustees

Nicky Grace

Nicky retired from the National Trust at the end of 2014 and now lives in Teesdale in County Durham. As well as the pension scheme, she is involved with the local arts centre and Darlington College.

Nicky’s life is also busy with walking, gardening, theatre, holidays and meeting new and old friends – including former colleagues.

Peter Nixon

Peter retired from the National Trust after 32 years in a variety of roles including Land agent, Regional Director, Chief agent and Director of Conservation.

More than 20 years on the executive team provided long experience of the operation of the National Trust pension scheme from the employer’s perspective and a deep appreciation of the importance of the scheme to its members.

His conservation interests continue, including as Chairman of Harper Adams University governing body, a Trustee of a conservation board for the Clinton Devon Estate, and until recently, a Non-Executive Director representing the Forestry Commission on the board of Forest Holidays.

Peter Pearce

Peter worked for the National Trust for 13 years as a land agent in the East Midlands and then southern regions, directing the restoration of Uppark in West Sussex after its devastating fire in 1989.

Afterwards he was Director of the Landmark Trust, the Edward James Foundation running West Dean College for the teaching of conservation and the arts in West Sussex, and the West Horsley Place Trust, created by Bamber Gascoigne to restore West Horsley Place in Surrey as a centre for the visual and performing arts and the teaching of crafts.

Visitors in Alexa's Rose garden in July at Peckover House and Garden, Cambridgeshire
Visitors in the summer rose garden at Peckover House and Garden | © National Trust Images/James Dobson

National Trust Nominated

Ian Bailey

Ian was an Associate of the CFA Society of the UK and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Securities Institute. Ian retired in 2016 from Aon where he was Head of the Delegated Consulting Business in Europe. Before joining Aon, Ian was a Managing Director at BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited and its predecessor companies.

Ian has over 30 years of broad industry experience including 15 years as a Fund manager and 10 years as a Trustee of the Mercury Asset Management and Merrill Lynch UK Pension Plans.

Janet Thomson (Chair)

Janet is an experienced Chair of Trustee Boards and Trustee with some 30 years’ experience in UK and Irish pensions, involving closed and open defined benefit (both final salary and career average) schemes and defined contribution (both Trust and third-party insurer) arrangements.

She currently chairs the Places for People Pension Scheme. She is a Trustee of the National Trust Pension Scheme and Chair of its investment committee.

There are currently two vacancies

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