Ysbyty Ifan - our largest agricultural estate

In 1951 the Ysbyty Ifan estate came into our care after being transfered from the Treasury, who received it in lieu of death duties from the estates of the then late Lord Penrhyn.

Ysbyty Ifan was transfered along with mountainous Carneddau and Glyderau estate, which boasts the largest continuous stretch of mountainous land in the country, and the impressive building and grounds of Penrhyn Castle. 

Our largest agricultural estate

Ysbyty Ifan is one of our largest agricultural estates comprising some 20,316 acres of magnificent uplands, all of which fall within the boundaries of the Snowdonia National Park, spanning the Machno, Eidda and the Upper Conwy valleys. 

The estate consists of 51 farms and 30 houses. Farming is based mainly on the rearing of sheep and beef cattle, who do well on the uplands and open moors.

The relative remoteness of the estate has helped to foster a close local community, and has safeguarded the area as a Welsh speaking heartland. According to the recent Census, the population in 2011 was 196 in 76 households, with over 79% of the population were able to speak Welsh.

Take a walk

There are over 39 miles of walking paths on the estate, with 3 of the walks available as downloadable guides here. Just a stone’s throw away from one of Snowdonia National Parks’ busiest tourist hubs at Betws y Coed, Ysbyty Ifan offers a peaceful haven for you to explore