2 Willow Road

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2 Willow Road is participating in FREE entry Open House London this weekend (16 & 17 Sept). 17 Sept 2.30pm All timed entry tickets have now SOLD OUT for today.

Innovative and influential Modernist home from 1939

2 Willow Road

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2017 events 

See what's happening at 2 Willow Road in 2017

2 Willow Road


The staircase at 2 Willow Road

The construction of 2 Willow Road 

Discover more about the controversy that surrounded the building of 2 Willow Road and how Ernö Goldfinger forged a new pathway for modern design.

The entrance hall at 2 Willow Road

Hampstead in the 1930s 

Explore the artistic atmosphere of Hampstead in the 1930s - the backdrop for the building of 2 Willow Road.