Things to see and do at 2 Willow Road

The exterior of 2 Willow Road

Visit the Goldfingers' impressive collection of modern art, explore modernism in the house's make up and admire the tastes and treasures of one of the most influential figures in the the British modern movement.

Witness modernist design

Our friendly guides will talk you through the intricacies of this startling integration of Modernist design into a domestic living space, with its ingenious modern construction. 2 Willow Road is one of only two modernist houses open to be enjoyed in the country.

Learn about Goldfinger's career

Learn about the life and career of a Hungarian-born architect with a dynamic vision. Goldfinger's life and career was one of continent-spanning variety, and is told through our guides and videos.

Peruse the modern art collection

Enjoy the family's original modern art collection, which includes works by Henry Moore, Max Ernst and Bridget Riley.

Erno's bespoke furniture

A little known aspect of Goldfinger's career, his furniture is full of innovation and style, and embodies his design philosophy. Much of 2 Willow Road's furniture is bespoke, and full of interesting touches and trademarks.

Partner attractions

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Don't miss

  • The short film giving insight into Erno Goldfinger's life
  • Bridget Riley's Fugitive (1962), in the dining room
  • Erno's black laminate top desk, featuring unique pivoting drawers
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