A Woman's Work at Aberdulais

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An Industrial Revolution, powered by water since 1584!

A Woman's Work at Aberdulais

Women at Aberdulais 

Discover the women behind the workforce at Aberdulais this summer. Check out the working women exhibition, have a go at some traditional crafts, or take part in one of the many Victorian activities.

Upcoming events

A Woman's Work Exhibition

Mon 25 Jun 2018
Tin worker, seamstress, home-maker, mother, cook, teacher...the roles of Women behind the workforce at Aberdulais.

Victorian Family Time

Wed 25 Jul 2018
Why not join us this summer to share in some Victorian past-times. See how Victorian families spent time together and have a go at some traditional fun and games.

A Woman's Wardrobe

Sat 28 Jul 2018
The Victorian tin workers may have dressed in leather aprons and caps, but the ladies of the house also had to "make do and mend" when it came to their attire.

The Working Woman's Home

Sat 04 Aug 2018
Use your imagination to peek behind the blinds at Number 2 Waterfall Cottage to explore the home-life behind the workforce.

Victorian Cooking

Sat 11 Aug 2018
Forget gruel and oatmeal, we're stirring up something a bit sweeter for our Victorian workshop. Are you game to have a go?

Swansea and the Suffragettes Exhibition

Mon 03 Sep 2018
'Together in the cause' Join the crusade, create your own Suffragette badge and proudly wave the banner. Learn more about this historic revolution in Wales's biggest industry of the Victorian era.

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