Discover Aberdulais

A family visiting Aberdulais in Neath

Aberdulais is an industrial revolution in its own right, a site where water has cascaded for centuries and innovation has harnessed its power.

You’ll be visiting Britain’s oldest surviving remains of a water powered tinplate works, a site where the river Dulais and picturesque waterfall lies at its heart.

You can meander around the site and imagine the hustle and bustle of days gone by; dozens of workers onsite, furnaces burning all day long with tinplate being prepared to be transported around the country. 

" It was so hot the sweat was running out of my shoes "
- 8 year old tinworker

Aberdulais is steeped in history, the tinplate era is only part of its story, for years this was the site of experimental industrial techniques, the birthplace of modern mass production. An onsite film shares some of this story alongside our interpretation space. For younger visitors, they can dress up, explore the site and pretend they were one of our tinplate workers.

To this day we continue to harness the power of water at Aberdulais; you can’t miss the wonderful waterwheel that stands proud and still generates electricity for the site. 

We’ve also a Visitor Centre, Shop and the OId-School house tea-room, the site of the original Victorian School, and the visit wouldn’t be complete without our own second hand bookshop where you can pick up a bargain.