Schools Activities Week at Aberdulais

Kids exploring under the Bastion at Aberdulais

Whether getting the children outside engaging with nature, learning about Victorian living, or learning about how we conserve our past, these activities are designed primarily to be fun and engaging for children at all key stages of their learning.

For the first two weeks in July (2-13 July 2018) we are offering schools the opportunity to take part in Activities Week with sessions designed for you focusing on Victorian life, conserving our past and exploring the outdoors. 

What does it involve? You’ll choose your theme for the visit (Victorian life; conserving our past or exploring the outdoors) and can visit for a morning or afternoon session. We cater for groups of up to 30 per activity theme, hosting up to two groups on the property at any one time. Morning or afternoon sessions are available and will be led by our co-ordinator. All sessions must be pre-booked. 

Our activity themes
With each activity theme, the children will enjoy three different activities, to be completed within a morning or afternoon session. 

Victorian Life: Dress up in Victorian clothing and experience what life was like in a Victorian school. Learn about the difference in food and drink between the rich and the poor and enjoy playing games of past – not an ipad in site! 

Conserving our past: Get hands on and learn how we use archaeology to learn about this site’s exciting past. Explore the old buildings and collections on site to discover how we care about the walls and look after our collections. 

Exploring the outdoors: Children will get the chance to explore our large display den before making a mini one of their own. They’ll discover how to become a tree doctor, explore what’s inside a tree and guess its age and try their hand at creating some wild art. 

How much does it cost?

Self-led visits

  • Educational Group Members: Free
  • Non-members: £3.30 per child (£2.30 group admission + £1 materials)

Guided visits

  • Educational Group Members: Free entry & £2 per child for session
  • Non-members: £4.30 (£2.30 group admission + £2 guided fee)

If you’re interested in becoming Educational Group Members as a school or an education group, visit the membership page for full details and pricing structure

How do you book a visit?
If you'd like to find out more about what we offer or discuss how we can tailor a visit to your school's requirements please call 01639 636674 or email