Abergwesyn Common

A view along a stream running through Abergwesyn Commons, Powys
Abergwesyn Common

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Abergwesyn Common

Our work

Exposed peat from erosion

Welsh Peatland Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) Project 

For centuries peat was viewed as a resource to be exploited for heating and compost, but now those views are changing. Find out how we are taking an active part in helping to deliver the Ministerial target of bringing Wales’ peatlands into sustainable management.

Abergwesyn Common


Stone sheep pen in the Upper Dulas Valley on Abergwesyn, Powys

Discover our ancient history 

Thousands of people over thousands of years have called Abergwesyn home. It might be a remote landscape today, but the remains of a forgotten past give us an insight into a very different age.