Visiting Abinger Roughs and Netley Park with a family

Child building a woodland den

Leave town life behind and let the kids enjoy the freedom of the Roughs. Visit throughout the year and you’ll be sure to see something new and experience a special family day out.

Let the kids lead the way

Follow our circular trail from the car park (green way-marked posts). At a gentle pace you’ll be on the go for around an hour and a half. Why not pick up our trail leaflet and test your family’s map reading skills? Kids will have fun helping mum and dad to find the way.

Climb and play in our natural play area

  • Be adventurous, be brave - can you balance and walk along our logs? Try not to wobble...
  • Be strong - can you step across our stepping stones or climb to the top of our log ‘castle’?
  • Be curious - hide inside our den or build your own - can you spy any crazy creatures? Look for mini beasts in our log pile too.
  • Stop for a quick snack or bring a tasty picnic and have a ‘wild party’. Remember to take your litter home with you.

Young wildlife detectives

Kids love creepy crawlies and we’ve plenty here to inspire the ‘young naturalist’. Did you know that famous naturalist Charles Darwin used to study worms on the Roughs? Why not bring along binoculars, magnifying glasses and let the kids be a wildlife detective for an hour or two. A colourful wildlife guide book might be useful - there’re lots of lovely nature books on sale in our nearby shop at Box Hill.

Join our 50 things adventures

Come rain or shine there’s always an outdoor adventure around our next oak or lofty pine tree. Join in with our adventures – how many of the 50 things can you tick off here?
No.1 climb a tree

We’ve many fantastic trees for you to climb. Pick one that has strong branches and that you can reach from the ground. See how high you can climb – what can you see? Don’t forget that you’ll have to climb down too...

No.4 build a den
Go deep into our woods and discover fun spots for hiding (old trees and leafy bracken), There are lots of sticks and twigs to build with too.

No.11 go on a really long bike ride 
Bring mum and dad  and cycle along the leafy path at the foot of the North Downs.

No.12 make trail with sticks
Pick up sticks and use them as arrows to make a trail that twists and turns around trees and over logs. How long can you make your trail?

No.22 explore inside a tree
There are many old trees on the Roughs, some over 200 years old. Look inside the hollows and see what you can find. Do any bugs live there?

No.24 go on a walk barefoot
Kick of your shoes in the open glade and feel the prickly grass between your toes.

No.31 hunt for bugs
Follow our many paths - there’re lots of creatures to hunt for; butterflies, caterpillars, beetles and spiders. Remember to leave the bugs where you find them, safe near their homes.