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A beech tree at Abinger Roughs
There are some ancient specimen trees to discover at Abinger Roughs | © National Trust Images/Robert Morris

Abinger Roughs tree trail

Follow this waymarked trail to learn more about the wide variety of trees at Abinger Roughs, an area of woodland where you can see a range of specimen trees and enjoy views over the North Downs and the Tillingbourne Valley.

Total steps: 16

Total steps: 16

Start point

National Trust car park, White Downs Lane, Abinger Hammer, RH5 6QS, grid ref: TQ110480

Step 1

Leave the car park taking the path that is directly opposite the entrance and enter the woodland.

Step 2

Walk forwards through the trees and you will notice a path coming in from the right.

Step 3

Head further along the main path towards an opening and at the fork, take the wide grassy path to the left, ignoring a small path to the right. Walk through the more open area along the main path. As you go slightly downhill, there are more trees growing closer to the path. On your left you will see a very large veteran beech tree, with an information panel.

Veteran beech tree at Abinger Roughs, Surrey, known as the witches' broom tree
The witches' broom tree is a special tree in Abinger Roughs | © National Trust Images / Rob Hewer

Step 4

Leaving the veteran beech, head down to the path and after 11yd (10m), turn left and you will be standing amongst some oak trees.

Step 5

From the oaks carry on along the main path, crossing a farm track and then walking up a small slope. At the top you will see the large holly bushes.

Step 6

From the holly trees continue along the main path. On your right you will see the signs to the Rhody Ramble.

Step 7

From the Rhody Ramble marker return to the main path and continue walking to the west. As you come to the edge of an open area look up to see the tall Scots pine.

Step 8

Walk straight ahead across the open glade and follow the main path into another area of woodland, heading slightly uphill. You will come to a crossroads with a path with a fence on the right and an open view up to the Downs. Turn to the left and walk towards the large oaks.

Step 9

Carry straight along the path bending left round the corner and heading slightly downhill. You'll come to an area of large veteran trees.

Step 10

As you stand by the veteran trees look up to the birch trees.

Step 11

Walk forwards along the path and you will return to the open glade. Follow the path round to the right and on the right hand side of the path there are some young elm trees.

Step 12

Follow the path round the bend to the left, leaving the path and sign to the Snowdrop Walk to the right-hand side.

Step 13

From the yew tree, follow the path along an open glade with views to the south over the farmland of the Wootton estate. You will come to a fork in the path: take the right fork.

And open seedcase of the sweet chestnut on the woodland floor, showing the nuts inside.
A sweet chestnut seedcase on the woodland floor | © National Trust Images/Rob Hewer

Step 14

From the sweet chestnut glade, walk up the hill passing the well on your right. Continue to follow the path walking through lighter woodland and grassland and past some silver birch trees.

Step 15

From the silver birch area follow the path and you will come out into the open area around the natural play area where there are a number of sycamore trees.

Step 16

From the natural play area, follow the path back to the car park.

End point

National Trust car park, White Downs Lane, Abinger Hammer, RH5 6QS, grid ref: TQ110480

Trail map

Map showing the route of the Abinger Roughs tree trail
Map route for Abinger Roughs tree trail | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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