Restore Penrhyn Castle’s Fuchsia walkway

The Fuchsia arch forms the heart of the Walled Garden at Penrhyn Castle, but over the years the metal structure, plants and retaining wall have degraded and now the future of this spectacular archway hangs in the balance. If the structure and foundation is not restored, then this beautiful feature will be lost forever. We need your help to restore this once remarkable walkway and reinstate it as the pride of Penrhyn Castle’s Walled Garden.

Walk through Penrhyn Castle's winter garden
  • The Fuchsia walkway spans 100 metres through the walled garden
  • Penrhyn Castle's Walled Garden is home to over 50,000 bees who collect nectar from the Fuchsia
  • The Fuchsia arch is over 140 years old

Donate to Restore Penrhyn Castle’s Fuchsia walkway

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£10 Will buy one Fuchsia plant to line the roof of the walkway.
£25 Will help repair one metre of the retaining wall.
The supporting wall at Penrhyn shows signs of age as stones and slabs begin to fall away from the walkway wall.
The metal structure of the Fuchsia arch at Penrhyn Castle shows signs of degrading.
£50 Will help restore half a metre of the metal work.
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" The Fuchsia archway has become an iconic part of the Walled Garden at Penrhyn Castle and it’s vital that we look to secure its future now before it degrades any further or is lost forever. "
- Gethin Crump, Head Gardener, Penrhyn Castle and Garden

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