Enjoy the autumn splendour at Ashridge

Autumn colours on Ashridge's trees

Whichever way you turn at Ashridge, you will be rewarded with beautiful autumn colours from late September on. The intensity will increase as the weeks go by until the leaves fall.

Spectacular colour on the Ashridge Estate

The whole of the Chilterns area is renowned for its beech woods and Ashridge is no exception. No wonder then that our main attraction in autumn is the beeches turning from green to orange to pure gold.

Beech trees are scattered all over the estate and it isn't easy to pick out particular areas. We have a very fine example on Monument Green which is over a hundred years-old and as it is in a position which has allowed it to grow fully, its canopy is beautifully shaped.

Duncombe Terrace

Just off Monument Green is Duncombe Terrace which is another beautiful walk in autumn and a short diversion at the beginning will bring you to Clinmere pond where our visiting school-children do their pond-dipping.

Dreaming of pond dipping
Autumn at Clinmere Pond Ashridge Estate Herts
Dreaming of pond dipping

Lady's Walk

Lady's Walk, which runs from the B4506 to Ashridge House, is a good place to see the beeches as they curve over the path. It is so named because the ladies who lived at the house walked there for their daily exercise. It is rumoured that Princess Elizabeth - later to become Elizabeth the first - walked there but sadly there is no actual proof.

Golden Valley

Capability Brown's Golden Valley, which gets its name from its autumn colours, is another lovely walk bordered by beech trees. Follow it as it curves around Ashridge House beyond which you will find sweet chestnuts too.

Early autumn colour on the beeches of Golden Valley
Early autumn in Golden Valley Ashridge Herts
Early autumn colour on the beeches of Golden Valley

Try one of our downloadable walking routes to find the perfect autumn trail for you.