Barbecues at Ashridge


We want everyone to have an enjoyable time at Ashridge. In the summer our visitors like to have a barbecue when the weather is fine. Please follow a few simple rules when planning your barbecue to keep you and the landscape safe.

Where can we have a barbecue?

Barbecues are only permitted on Monument Drive. This does not include Meadleys Meadow, behind the visitor centre, or Monument Green where the Bridgewater Monument stands.

Which type of barbecue can I bring?

Barbecues must be non-disposable and must be raised off of the ground. Disposable barbecues are a fire hazard as they can easily set fire to dry grass especially when discarded while still extremely hot.

If you are planning a barbecue you must have sufficient water nearby to extinguish it if necessary. 

Want to bring a large group or host a party?

If you are planning to bring a large group or host a party at Ashridge you must gain permission from the visitor centre first. Please call 01442 851227 to speak to a member of the visitor centre team and they'll be happy to help.