Bluebell Watch at Ashridge

Close up of a bluebell at Ashridge, Herts

Our bluebells are out and about much longer than you might think. We'll be updating this page throughout the spring to show you how they grow and develop before their bell-shaped flowers emerge.

Bluebell watch is over for 2019. Check back again in Feb 2020 to see how they're getting on.

18 July

All you'll see in Dockey Wood now are dried up stalks and flowers. The bluebells have laid down their seed and will be back next year.

Dried up bluebell stalks at Ashridge, Herts

24 June

The bluebell seed pods are starting to open. By releasing their seeds, the plants ensure that there'll be more bluebells next year for us all to enjoy.

Open seed pod at Ashridge, Herts

10 June

A sea of blue has made way for a sea of green as the bluebell flowers turn into seed pods.

Bluebell seed pod
Bluebell seed pod at Ashridge, Herts
Bluebell seed pod

31 May

The bluebells have really died back now, leaving nothing except a few remaining spikes, brambles and bracken.

Bluebell shoots and bracken at Ashridge, Herts

23 May

This year's bluebells have nearly all gone over - we hope you got to enjoy them while they were in bloom. There are plenty of other wildflowers to be found across the estate such as wild garlic, wood anemone and red campion. 

Bluebells past their prime at Ashridge

14 May

The bluebells are starting to fade away around certain parts of the estate, but there are still some lush patches. To get recommendations of the best areas, come along to the visitor centre to chat to our staff and volunteers.

Bluebells at Ashridge, Herts

4 May

The bluebells are still out at Ashridge but are starting to go past their best. If you're thinking about visiting, we'd recommend coming soon to see them.

Bluebells at Ashridge, Bucks

28 April

Dockey Wood is looking beautiful this weekend.

Bluebell wood at Ashridge, Bucks

23 April

The woods are a sea of blue after the hot weather. There are bluebells all over the estate, so if you're looking for a walk, please come along to the visitor centre to talk to us. We also know that bluebells are very photogenic, but please stay on the footpaths as trampled bluebells don't look so nice.

Dockey Wood has bloomed
Bluebells at Ashridge, Herts
Dockey Wood has bloomed

17 April

The bluebells have grown taller in the good weather. By the end of the month they will be at their best - a carpet of blue.

Bluebells at Ashridge, Herts

12 April

The bluebells in Dockey Wood are turning bluer. Their colour will get more vibrant as the weeks go on.

Bluebellls at Ashridge herts

06 April

Some of the flower stalks are starting to turn blue. This patch of bluebells is quite far along, whereas other areas of the estate are still green. Keep your eyes on blubell watch as we'll update when the bluebells cover the woodland floor into their famous coloured carpet.

Bluebells at Ashridge, Herts

02 April

A few of the bluebells around the estate are just starting to flower. The cold snap this week may slow their progress, but they should be in full bloom in a few weeks time.

Bluebells starting to flower at Ashridge, Herts

28 March

The bluebells are starting to turn blue around some parts of the estate. The first flowers to emerge are usually in areas of high sunlight, so have a look in sunny areas next time you visit.

Bluebell flower shoot at Ashridge, Herts

21 March

If you look closely, you can see bluebell flower spikes emerging from the ground. They'll stay in this state for a little while before the iconic blue flowers bloom.

Bluebell flower shoots at Ashridge, Herts

14 March

The wet and windy weather hasn't stopped our bluebell shoots from growing. If you seen them around the estate, please don't walk on them. Bluebells don't like to be trampled.

Bluebell shoots at Ashridge, Herts

06 March

Our bluebells have been growing fast this week, meaning the woodland floor is looking very green.

Thousands of green bluebell shoots at Ashridge, Herts

01 March

The warm weather has made our bluebell shoots grow bigger and bigger. We'll have to see if they keep this pace up.

Bluebell shoot at Ashridge, Herts

24 February

We're seeing more and more patches of bluebells on the woodland floor. Keep you eyes peeled for them when you next visit.

Patch of bluebell shoots at Ashridge, Herts

14 February

Bluebell shoots are a welcome sign of spring. The greenery you see below isn't grass or daffodils, it's actually the first sign of bluebells on the estate.

Green bluebell shoots at Ashridge, Herts