Dog walking on the Ashridge Estate

Two people and their dogs walk down a track

We welcome responsible dog walking on the estate. We have visitors of all kinds at Ashridge; some on foot, some on wheels, some on horseback so we ask those of you bringing your four-legged friends to stick to our guidelines concerning dogs on the estate and help us keep Ashridge special for everyone.

Follow the rules

  • Keep your dog in sight and under control at all times
  • Always keep your dog on a lead on Monument Drive and Monument Green
  • Follow our dog mess policy below

Dogs and deer

Wild deer can be seen anywhere and at any time on the estate. It is vital that you can control your dog when deer are flushed from the undergrowth. If your dog chases deer and won't respond to your call, it’s not safe to let it off the lead anywhere on the estate. When dogs chase deer, the consequences can be very serious. Apart from the stress and suffering to the deer, your dog is at risk too. If the deer are chased towards the road there could be an accident involving a passing vehicle. In this case the deer, your dog and/or a driver could be injured. It is better not to take the risk so, if in doubt, keep the dog on a lead.


Dogs and livestock

There are several areas of the estate where cattle and sheep graze the landscape. Always adhere to any notices relating to livestock in these areas. Where cattle are grazing be prepared to let your dog off the lead if cattle chase it.


Dog mess

The Ashridge Estate covers 5,000 acres of beautiful countryside. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit, please clear up after your dog in the Monument Drive area and place it in the dog mess bins provided.
On the wider estate, please clean up after your dog in car parks and heavily visited areas. It’s OK to flick dog mess off paths into the undergrowth to decay naturally, but if you do bag it up and you are not in an area where we provide a bin, you must take the bagged poo home with you. Never leave plastic bags of poo in the countryside.


Professional Dog walking

If you would like to use National Trust land for professional dog walking, please get in touch. We may be able to issue you with a licence and authorise your business use of National Trust land.