Managing car parking at Ashridge

Girl sitting in a car boot at Ashridge, Herts

We are looking at new ways to manage car parking at Ashridge to protect the estate and create a better experience for visitors.

What have we done to date?

Initially, we looked into developing pocket car parks in the woodland either side of Monument Drive. Extensive consultation with Natural England and other statutory consultees has indicated that this would not be acceptable.  Monument Drive and the woodland either side is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) under European law. We then looked at a number of alternative sites across the wider estate. All of the other locations we’ve considered so far are constrained by poor road access and/or restrictive covenants. We are now reviewing what we can do to improve conditions for visitors and avoid further damage to tree roots and archaeological features, working within the areas that have traditionally been used here for parking.

Monument Drive
Monument Drive at Ashridge, Hertfordshire
Monument Drive

What next?

We’re looking at how we can improve traffic flow and avoid congestion on busy days by making better use of parts of Meadleys Meadow when the ground conditions are suitable. We’re also looking at how we might reinforce and improve existing parking areas on either side of the Drive. We hope to be able to share some plans around this in the Spring of next year.

Questions and comments

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