Managing car parking at Ashridge

children sitting in boot of car

We are looking at new ways to manage car parking at Ashridge to protect the estate and create a better experience for visitors.

Improving conservation

Parking on Monument Drive has caused damage to the verges - compacting the soil, crushing tree roots and eroding archaeological features. The important historic view between the house and the Monument has also been lost to the view of parked cars.

Better for visitors

In wet weather, visitors get muddy and cars get stuck on the verges.

At busy times, the drive can get clogged by manoeuvring cars, causing traffic to back up on the public highway. This inconveniences road users and residents, and causes safety issues for walkers, cyclists and horse riders on the drive.

Our new car park will have plenty of spaces for visitors
disabled spaces in a car park
Our new car park will have plenty of spaces for visitors

Sustainable for the future

Looking after Ashridge is costly. Increasing numbers of people are visiting the estate, putting pressure on the environment and the infrastructure.

National Trust members contribute to the upkeep of Ashridge through their membership. Charging those who are not National Trust members for parking their car will create a sustainable income stream to improve the infrastructure to cope with the numbers of people who now visit Ashridge.

What are the options?

We are at a very early stage and are currently investigating all options. Our brief is clear - we need a solution that sits comfortably within the historic environment, protects the ecology we’re famed for and enables people to enjoy Ashridge with friends and family as they do now.

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