Root and branch: tales of trees at Ashridge

Two veteran trees in summer at Ashridge Herts

Ashridge's trees are amongst the country's finest so we have put together a special exhibition to share the stories of some of our most fascinating trees with you.

This spring we unveiled our new exhibition entitled Root and branch: tales of trees at Ashridge. The exhibition showcases some of Ashridge's best trees and explains how we are working to protect them.  

Written records show that people have lived in the Ashridge woods for more than 700 years. During this time many different species of tree have been planted across the estate. From providing locals with firewood and building materials to acting as parkland ornaments, trees have continuously played a vital role in the evolution of the estate.

View from the ground of a sweet chestnut tree.

Trees and People

Though woodlands have many obvious practical uses, they are also places where people can play, relax and enjoy nature. Many people feel a special connection with trees, such as Bob Davis, our former Head Forester. Last year Bob retired after a 42-year career at Ashridge. During his time here he gained many stories about these woods - it can be argued that few people know the trees as well as he does. Root and branch: tales of trees at Ashridge shares some of these stories about his favourite trees around the estate. 

A veteran tree in autumn at Ashridge Herts

Spectacular Photography

This exciting new exhibition also features stunning photographs of Ashridge trees by Hugh Mothersole, National Trust regional volunteer photographer. Hugh's impressive ability to capture the trees' most intricate details is sure to appeal to keen nature photographers and tree lovers alike. 

Trees casting shadows in autumn at Ashridge Herts

See them for yourself

The official exhibition opening will take place at 11am on Saturday March 4 in the Visitor Centre. After having a chance to explore the exhibition you are welcome to join us for a guided woodland walk, which will be departing from the Visitor Centre at 12pm. This two-hour walk will be led by one of our rangers, and will visit some of the veteran trees that grow on the estate. The walk is free of charge however, advance booking is required - please ring the Visitor Centre on 01442 851227 for more information or to book.