Second-hand bookshop at Ashridge Estate

Second-hand bookshop at Ashridge, Herts

Our bookshop is currently closed so we cannot take donations or let you browse our books. We'll update this page when the situation changes.

A book for all

There are numerous genres available in our bookshop. From terrifying tales to popular page turners, as well as children’s, history, biographies and art, there is a read for everyone.

Our best reading spots

Once you’ve found your next book, you can head out onto the estate to start reading. Put out a picnic blanket in Meadleys Meadow or find a bench along the edge of Monument Green to start your literary journey.

There's plenty of outdoor reading spots at Ashridge
Father and daughter reading outside at Ashridge, Herts
There's plenty of outdoor reading spots at Ashridge

Donating books to Ashridge

We welcome donations of good quality second hand books. If you're having a spring clean or sorting through your bookshelves you can drop off donations at visitor reception. If you have a large quantity of books you'd like to donate, please get in touch with us or by calling 01442 851227.