Short-list for the Tree-mendous Ashridge photography competition

Photographer on Ivinghoe Beacon Ashridge Herts

Thanks for all the great submissions we've received for our Tree-mendous Ashridge photography competition. We are pleased to announce that we now have a shortlist

A must have

If your photograph has been shortlisted could you please email a high-quality version to Unfortunately, if we don't hear from you, we will be unable to use your work in our competition. 

Shortlisted photographs

Chris Beddall - Winston the Sweet Chestnut
Martin Evening - Sweet Chestnut at Prince's Riding
Peter Ford - The Magnificent Mr. Beech
Judith Gott - Barcode Trees
Bonny Haughey - Standalone Sid
Michael Hewitt - Cold and Almost Naked
Sophie Johnson - Elon
Adrian Jones - The Constellates 
Crown Jules - The Misfit
Steve Mayled - Meadley's Meadow in the Mist
Anna Milan - Mossy Foot
Chris Nevin - Twirling Tree
Carolyn Philpot - A-maze-ing Treetops
Becky Salisbury - Gloria
Jenna Selby - Beech in the Morning Sun
Hannah Jayne Sesstein - Beauty in the Bark
Chris Smith - My Lady's Tree
Colin Sturges - Autumn Monster
Damian Ward - The Twister
Charlotte Young - Lord of the Ring's Elven Realms

The next step

Voting for the winner of the competition will take place at the visitor centre during our Tree-mendous Ashridge weekend (Sept 30 & Oct 1). Good luck to all photographers!