Spring walking at Ashridge Estate

Family with two children walking at Ashridge, Herts

Ashridge Estate is the perfect place to stretch your legs and explore the countryside. Make the most of the longer and warmer spring days as the estate comes to life.

Our trails through the seasons

Every season brings out a different aspect of our waymarked trails. Come along to the visitor centre to give them a go.

Walk in the wild

Our 8 mile Wildlife Walk will guide you around the northern part of the estate. This trail focuses on plants and trees around the estate, as well as some of Ashridge’s endangered animals. 

The tree branches sparkle in the frost and create a beautiful scene against a pale winter sky or an orange sunset. If you’re lucky, you might see some winter birds roosting in them. With the opportunity to take some stunning photos, this trail is one to follow if you want to capture the estate’s winter glory.

The sunset lights up the trees in winter
Leafless branches with sunset behind at Ashridge Herts
The sunset lights up the trees in winter

Ashridge’s hidden gems

You may want to get away from it all after the festive season and there is nowhere better than some of the less populated areas of Ashridge. Our 3 mile Ranger’s Ramble will take you through some quiet areas of the estate.

The walk takes you past some of Ashridge’s finest veteran trees. The oldest are over 500 years old and look atmospheric in the morning mist. You’ll also go past frozen ponds glinting in the light, before dropping onto Northchurch Common. The walk then returns to the visitor centre past some quaint English cottages. Their chimney smoke and frosty windows will certainly make you feel cosy despite being out in the cold.

Meadleys Meadow in the morning frost, Ashridge
Frost covering Meadleys Meadow Ashridge Herts
Meadleys Meadow in the morning frost, Ashridge