Starting a new venture

Bridgwater Monument in frost at Ashridge Estate

Now that Christmas is over it is easy to feel a sense of anti-climax as spring seems a long way away, but it is also a time to plan new outdoor ventures.

After all the excitement this is a time to plan ahead

Our trails through the seasons

Every season brings out a different aspect of our trails and, at this time of year, a walk on a beautiful winter's day lifts the spirits. Leafless branches make a stunning filigree against a pale winter sky or an apricot sunset, such a contrast to the green of high summer.

Winter boughs against the sunset
Winter sunset at Ashridge Herts
Winter boughs against the sunset

Walking on frosty grass crackles like icing sugar making children and dogs want to run, whilst adults can take their time strolling. As you walk you could think ahead to when the bluebells appear again and wild garlic carpets the woodland.

A bit of peace and quiet

You may want to get away from it all after the festivities and there is nowhere better than some of the less populated areas of Ashridge. It is possible to walk for a long way without meeting anyone, just enjoying the quiet of a frosty day and maybe catching sight of some deer.

A peaceful walk in the frost
Getting away from it all at Ashridge Herts
A peaceful walk in the frost

Highlights of winter at Ashridge

Frost and snow make some well-known places on the estate look very different. For instance Incombe Hole which is a wildflower haven in summer looks magical with a light covering of snow.

Incombe Hole in winter snow
Incombe Hole Ashridge in winter Herts
Incombe Hole in winter snow

Even our iconic beech tree on Monument Green takes on a different character in winter as it sparkles with frost.

Enjoy the sparkle on a frosty day at Ashridge
Iconic beech tree on Monument Green Ashridge Estate
Enjoy the sparkle on a frosty day at Ashridge

Whatever your preference, a brisk walk makes us all feel refreshed and going home to a glowing fire is a lovely reward. Try any of our trails during winter. 

New trails on the horizon

We are revamping our trail from the Bridgewater Monument to Ivinghoe Beacon; it will be ready very soon. There will be a brand new Forester's Walk a little later in the year - two new trails to explore.