Trail to Golden Valley Ashridge

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This 3.8 mile walk heads into the Golden Valley and takes in the view of Ashridge House. It tries to avoid the worst of the mud in winter although some may still stick to your boots.

Early autumn in Golden Valley Ashridge Herts


Map route for Ashridge Estate Golden Valley trail


Ashridge Visitor Centre, grid ref SP 97874 12527


With your back to the Bridgewater Monument go back down Monument Drive to the road. Be careful as you cross over the B4506 and head through the gate next to the brick wall. The brick wall was part of the deer leap which was historically used to keep the deer in the park. Continue to follow this avenue, called Prince's Riding, towards Ashridge House in the distance.


At the end of the avenue, before you reach the metal fence, follow the surfaced path to the right. Keep on the surfaced path left around the golf course until you come to a brown sign saying ‘Bridgewater Monument and Visitor Centre’. After the sign, take the route through the copse of trees on your right where you will see some great examples of old sweet chestnut trees.

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Once you come out of the copse, continue straight ahead and follow the tree line round to the right of the second copse in front of you. At the next clearing, head towards the woodland but this time leave the path that goes into the woods and instead go left along the tree line, down into the valley to the road. Be careful as you cross the road and enter the Golden Valley.


You can either go up to the seat in front of you for a view down both sides of the valley or continue right, into the valley.

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Continue along the valley until you come to a steep-sided avenue which crosses the valley at right angles. Head up the side of the valley to your right where you will join the road that crosses in front of Ashridge House.

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Continue to follow this road past Ashridge House and just before the road bends to the left, you will see a track in front of you with a gate across it and a waymarker pointing you to the Visitor Centre and Monument. Go around the gate and follow this track.


When you reach a lane, continue straight ahead to Thunderdell Lodge (a noticeable black and white chequerboard house). Be careful as you cross the main road and turn directly right and follow the path along the edge of the road until you reach the bottom of Monument Drive.


Finally follow the drive back towards the Bridgewater Monument where you started your walk.

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Ashridge Visitor Centre, grid ref SP 97874 12527

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Trail to Golden Valley Ashridge


Mainly well trodden footpaths and surfaced tracks but some sections are across uneven fields. Dogs are welcome, but must be kept under close control at all times to avoid disturbing wildlife.

Trail to Golden Valley Ashridge

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Trail to Golden Valley Ashridge

How to get here

Ashridge visitor centre
By train

Tring train station 1¾ miles - from the station you can take a taxi or walk to the estate. For Ivinghoe Beacon, Cheddington train station is 3½ miles.

By road

The visitor centre is located off the B4506 between Berkhamsted and Dagnall, HP4 1LT.

By foot

The Ashridge visitor centre is a short detour from the Ridgeway footpath at Ivinghoe Beacon.

By bus

Buses stop close to the end of Monument Drive. Buses stop in Aldbury village which is a ½ mile uphill walk and also in Tring, which is a 1¾ mile walk.

By bicycle

The Ashridge visitor centre is close to the Chilterns Cycle Route and there are cycle stands at the centre.

Trail to Golden Valley Ashridge

Facilities and access

  • There are toilets and a non-NT cafe (outdoor sating only) at the visitor centre