50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Badbury Hill

Children building a den from twigs and branches

Children can lose themselves in play in these woods, located at the site of a former Iron Age hill fort. Explore the replanted beech wood at the top or strike out in a north easterly direction, following the tracks which tumble down the hill. Here kids will come across dens made by previous explorers, perfect for hide and seek or some running repairs. Others will want to strike up new constructions, track wild animals or make a den for a wild animal.

Finding us

Badbury Hill is on the A4019 between Highworth and Faringdon. It is just under two miles after Coleshill village (when heading east towards Faringdon).
Why not join up your visit to the woods with some more 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4  fun at Great Coxwell Barn, which is just a 15 minute walk away across the fields, or five minutes by car.

No.1 get to know a tree

Don't miss the natural play area where you can clamber all over a very large fallen tree.

No.4 build a den

Whether you fancy making improvements to existing hide-outs, or striking up a new construction, these woods are perfect for den building.

No.12 have fun with sticks

Let young explorers lead the way, leaving a trail of sticks for you track behind them...

No.31 make friends with a bug

Discover what creepy crawlies live under the leaves and fallen branches. Take your magnifying glass to study them closely and take photos so you can identify them properly at home.

No.34 discover wild animal clues

Who's been here? Watch out for chewed pine cones, scratched tree bark and paw prints in the mud. Young trackers can hunt for deer, badgers and squirrels in the woods.

No.36 make a home for wildlife

Finished making your hide-out? Then why not make a den for a wild animal to live in next door...

No.44 watch a bird

Bring your binoculars, and go bird watching. From clearings in the fringes of the woods, spot red kites and buzzards soaring above the fields looking for prey. Listen out for the distinctive sound of woodpeckers and cuckoos.
Badbury clump

Coleshill brown walk

Coleshill brown walk is a gentle woodland stroll. Perfect for wildlife spotting all year and bluebells in late spring. If you bring the kids (or the big kids!) you could always have a go at building a den.

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Coleshill orange walk

Coleshill orange walk is ideal for ramblers with its abundance of wildlife to spot and its passage through two picturesque working farms.