Bluebells at Badbury Hill

Bluebells at Badbury Hill Oxfordshire

Every year, more and more people visit Badbury to enjoy the carpet of bluebells amongst the beech trees in the area known as Badbury Clump – once an Iron Age hill fort. Usually in flower late April and early May, they’re a welcome sign that spring is well under way and the warmer days of summer aren’t far off.

Enjoy them with respect

We need your help to protect this amazing natural display and ensure that the carpets of bluebells continue to appear here at Badbury each spring for years to come.

Watch your step

To most of us, a gorgeous spread of bluebells is an irresistible sight and it’s the most tempting thing in the world to step into the blue for a photo opportunity. However, your feet could be doing more damage than you realise.
Bluebells have soft succulent leaves that are particularly sensitive to being trodden on. Once leaves are damaged, they are unable to absorb the sun and photosynthesise so they die back. In turn, this means they can’t put food back into their bulbs, reducing their ability to produce flowers and seeds. You see this in popular bluebell woods where narrow tracks made by one person soon become wider and the bluebells end up in island-like patches, instead of the blue carpet we all love.

Young bluebell plants can also be damaged if you tread on them
Young bluebell plants at Badbury Hill Oxfordshire
Young bluebell plants can also be damaged if you tread on them

Please keep to the paths

By keeping to the wide marked paths of Badbury Clump, you’ll be doing your bit to protect the bluebells and ensure that one of our best-loved native flowers continues to thrive here for years to come.

Protect the bluebells by keeping to these marked paths
Paths at Badbury Clump in Oxfordshire
Protect the bluebells by keeping to these marked paths

Busy times

The bluebells are usually at their best between late April and mid May, depending on the weather. Peak times for visiting to see the bluebells in flower are usually weekends and Bank Holidays from late morning to early afternoon. Visit Badbury Hill outside of these times to enjoy a more relaxed experience.