The garden at Barrington Court

The White Garden

The famous garden designer, Gertrude Jekyll, was consulted by Colonel Lyle’s wife, Elsie, on the layout and best planting schemes for the garden. At the time, Jekyll was well into her seventies and almost blind, but she was able to advise what would grow best in the limy earth just by crumbling the soil, which was sent to her in biscuit tins. Elsie Lyle visited Jekyll to discuss the plans for the garden in person, and much of what you see today was inspired by these earlier plans.

Home grown

Traditionally the kitchen garden was the larder of any country house. Our kitchen garden is a working gem, and it still fulfils its original function of providing fresh fruit and veg for our restaurant.

A house with a moat

A renovation project was completed last year to remove the heavy silt that had accumulated in the moat, causing a build-up of weed and eroding the grass bank. Now the water is much clearer and enjoyed by wildlife; you're likely to see ducks and the most wonderful dragonflies during the summer months.

The wisteria in full bloom hanging over the moat
Barrington Court Somerset
The wisteria in full bloom hanging over the moat

Rose and iris garden

A bridge leads you over the moat and through a carved and weathered oak door to the beautiful walled garden. The spaces here are arranged as a series of connected individual garden 'rooms', each with its own theme or focus. During June and July, you'll be greeted first by the subtle musky scent from the four beds of shrub roses in the rose and iris garden. Each year, the floriferous displays never cease to astound us, with varieties including Rosa 'Felicia', 'Buff Beauty', 'Cornelia', ' Penelope' and the grandly named 'Blanche Double de Coubert'.

Renovation of the rose beds took place during February 2017. The new new rose plants were planted in sturdy cardboard boxes that were then placed in the border. Our gardeners took this course of action as a precaution, as it's an effective method of preventing the spread of the rose replant virus.

The scent from the roses is delightful
Rose and iris garden at Barrington Court
The scent from the roses is delightful

The pergola walk

The brick and wood pergola was designed by our current head gardener, Christine Brain, along with Andrew Lyle in the 1980s. This lovely feature covers the path from the busstalls to the White Garden, and there are many delightful, well-established climbing plants growing over it, including honeysuckle, jasmine, hop and clematises.

Goose orchard

Formerly known as the Old Orchard, the fruit trees here provide a lovely display of blossom in the spring. The apples are harvested and used in our very own cider and apple juice  - both of which you can try in the restaurant.