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A small but dedicated team of rangers and volunteers care for the beautiful landscape at Horsey and Heigham Holmes on the Norfolk Broads and you can hear about our work and wildlife spots through our monthly blog posts.

This blog is written by Horsey and Heigham Holmes rangers and volunteers Horsey and Heigham Holmes rangers and volunteers
a very flooded field with lots of water lying around tufts of grass

Horsey and Heigham Holmes are found on the Norfolk Broads and are within the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and The Broads National Park. Many rare and unique species can be found within this area including the UKs largest and rarest butterfly the Swallowtail, the Norfolk Hawker dragonfly and the elusive Common Crane. Keep up to date with our latest blog posts.

Latest posts

24 Mar 2020

Hedge planting for wildlife on Heigham Holmes

Published: 24 March 2020

Hedgerows provide habitat for mammals, birds and insect species. They act as wildlife corridors allowing dispersal between isolated habitats. One of our promises to nature for this year at Horsey and Heigham Holmes is to increase the amount of nectar sources that are available to the invertebrate communities that live there.

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17 Feb 2020

Horsey Willows and Heigham Holmes

Published: 17 February 2020

Hannah Blades, ranger at Horsey Windpump and Heigham Holmes, writes the very first blog post about the conservation work she has recently carried out, with assistance from volunteers.

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