A garden to relax in at Buckland Abbey

Yellow flowers in the garden with the shaddow of the abbey behind

With the weather starting to change and spring flowers starting to bloom, now is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the gardens at Buckland.

From beds of colourful tulips to delicate blossom, the gardens are finally waking up after their winter sleep. 

Top garden highlights this Spring

Gardens are often one of the first places to show the changing of the seasons, and spring is no exception. March may still feel frosty, but outside you’ll find tender green shoots breaking through the earth. Before long blossom and blooms make an appearance, creating pockets of colour and fragrance that never fail to lift the spirits.

1. Buckland Blossom

Spring is the perfect time to walk among blossom and see the ornamental Magnolia trees in bloom. Magnolia blossom is one of nature’s show-stoppers, createing a magical effect as it flutters like snow to the ground.

The gardens at Buckland are perfect for spotting signs of Spring, with many of the gardens dating back to the 15th and 16th Century. And at this time of year the trees are covered in pink-tinged apple blossom, with frothy white cow parsley blooming in the grass underneath. 

There are lots of varieties of blossom all around the gardens at Buckland, including many heritage varieties. 

The Buckland Abbey Cider House garden in spring
A blossoming tree outside the cottages on the Buckland Abbey estate
The Buckland Abbey Cider House garden in spring
Spring colours blossoming in gardens
Pink Spring flowers
Spring colours blossoming in gardens

2. Cider House crocuses are starting to bloom 

Purple and white crocuses are starting to bloom all around the Cider House garden. This is a lovely quiet spot with amazing views towards the woodlands and it is also a great picnic spot!

Heading around to the Elizabethan garden - a riot of colour, especially in the summer months - you'll see a garden design typical of that which Grenville and Drake may have had in the Tudor era.

Spring flowers in the Elizabethan garden
Barn in background and wild flowers at the front of picture
Spring flowers in the Elizabethan garden

3. Wisteria around the Abbey and Cider House. 

Certainly one not to miss are the carpets of thick wisteria in the Cider House and  Abbey gardens, which have spectacular displays of these purple flowers throughout Spring. 

Wisteria in the wild garden
Purple wisteria growing up a building
Wisteria in the wild garden

5. Pink and red blooms

Spring offers the chance to see the gardens coming to life with vibrant colours. The Camelias and their showy flowers come in whites, pinks and reds and appear early in Spring; a time when not much else is flowering and displaying colour. 

Camellias and blossom at Buckland Abbey
Camellias and blossoms in the dusk light at Buckland Abbey
Camellias and blossom at Buckland Abbey


Bringing your dog to Buckland Abbey

We would ask that you do not bring your dog into the formal garden, but four-legged friends are more than welcome on any of the estate walks.