A garden to relax in at Buckland Abbey

Yellow flowers in the garden with the shaddow of the abbey behind

This time of year the garden gives us a dazzling show of colour and interest. As the Buckland Abbey gardens settle into summer you can see the beautiful colours build.

Summer flowers in the gardens

As you explore the kitchen garden you will see the veg has been planted for the coming season. Make sure to check back to see the seedlings grow into yummy seasonal treats that will be used in the café. The gardeners have planted plenty of beetroot, potatoes and kale amongst other things tha we can look forward to digging up later in the year.

The Wild garden and Cider House garden are hidden gems and provide that perfect place to sit and escape for a bit with a good book. The wild garden is teeming with insects and pollinators whilst the Cider garden has beautiful borders filled with plants and shrubs which are blooming after winter. 

The back of the kitchen garden also has a spectacular view to the Abbey. It is not hard to realise why the Cistercian monks chose Buckland Abbey as their home over 700 years ago. 

If these walls could talk

The walls around the gardens are original Medieval stonework and once formed part of the whole Abbey complex. Where the gardens currently stand there would have been an infirmary, monks accomodation and a cider house. 

It is through your membership and visiting amazing places like Buckland Abbey that we can continue to look after the garden walls and keep them standing for generations to come. 

View from the Great Barn at Buckland Abbey
Views of autumn through the Great Barn
View from the Great Barn at Buckland Abbey

Bringing your dog to Buckland Abbey

We would ask that you do not bring your dog into the formal garden, but four-legged friends are more than welcome on any of the estate walks.