Walking the Estate

Autumnal colour along Beech Avenue

Explore the ancient woodlands here at Buckland Abbey by heading out on one of the circular walks through the estate. Take a gentle stroll through the changing colour of our ancient woodlands. Here are our picks of what's not to be missed this autumn.

Blackberry picking

Walk along the woodland estate walks and take in all the fantastic views across the valley. It is also a great spot to see the changing colours of Autumn and pick blackberries in the wooded hedges to make some yummy treats at home.

Gobble the blackberries whole or make an apple and blackberry scone recipe? Why not top off an afternoon of gorging with a visit to the Ox Yard Cafe?

Best blackberry picking spots:

Head Ranger James Robbins recommends the blue route as there are some excellent picking spots all along the paths in the Great North Wood.

If you are looking for a slightly shorter walk, the start of the red route is also a great raiding spot for berries.

Blackberry picking
Blackberries in the hedgerows
Blackberry picking

50 things – no.21 Forage for wild food

Foraging is a hobby that involves searching for and eating plants, herbs and fruit. People have been foraging since the dawn of time and it’s time for you to dip your hand into the hedgerows, trees and bushes to see what yummy treats you can discover. Delicious snacks await you with adventure no. 21 on our list of ‘50 things to do before you're 11¾’.

Woodland Walks

The circular routes start at the waterfall and takes you past the lovely gardens into the Great North Wood and on to the River Tavy where you can follow the riverside path through more woodland. There's plenty of wildlife - look out for Badgers, bats, eels, hobbies, barn owls and deer as you make your way through the woods. 

Dogs are also very welcome on any of the walking routes. Please remember to keep your dog on a lead.

Crunch through the leaves on an autumn walk at Buckland Abbey
A walk through the woods on the Buckland Abbey estate
Crunch through the leaves on an autumn walk at Buckland Abbey

Which walks are best?

The Yellow Route - 1.2Km or 3/4mile 

The yellow route is a 3/4 mile off-road buggy and tramper friendly route lasting about 20 minutes. This circular route takes you through the fields then into the start of the woodland. For a slightly longer walk you can extend this route down the 'monks path' and towards the charcoal pit and back. 

We love our natural woodland pathways, therefore please be aware the paths are not paved or tarmacked and can get quite muddy. 

There are some slopes and hills to gently climb - take your time and enjoy the views. 

The Red Route - 4.5Km or 2.8miles

The red route is the most picturesque and takes you through the fields and woodlands. This route can get quite muddy, especially after heavy rain, so remember to pack the wellies. 

Walking boots are reccomended for this walk, as the paths can be uneven through the woods.

This walk will take around 1:30hr to complete.

The Blue Route - 4.7Km or 2.9miles

For a longer and more distanced walk, the blue route through the woodlands over looking the river is glorious this time of year.

Walking boots are essential for this walk. 

Amazing views of the estate and valley
Autumn trees with the view of the river in the distance
Amazing views of the estate and valley

Dog friendly walking 

We are very dog friendly and all the walks are great for dog walking.

Please just remember to keep your dog on a lead at all times.

We do not have any dog poo bins onsite. If your dog has accident whilst you are on the woodland walks - please feel free to 'stick and flick' into the hedgerows. 

Your dog is also welcome inside the Cafe.

Dog walking through the estate
lady walking her dog through the fields
Dog walking through the estate

Tree planting conservation project

Over the next few weeks 2,000 additional trees will be planted; 1,500 to create a new hedge line using a mix of deciduous species to include hawthorn, spindle, holly, oak and beech, and the rest used for small blocks of infield tree planting around the periphery of fields. 

The infield trees will be a mix of native trees including many of the above plus dog rose, sweet chestnut and crab apple.

The estate has also been growing its own oak trees from acorns saved from trees on the estate and will be planting 15 of these trees in-field to create more of a parkland habitat.

James Robbins, area ranger says: “This latest initiative will enhance biodiversity in less productive areas and we aim to attract more birds, bats and pollinators as well as dormice. 

“The new hedgerow will connect two blocks of existing mature woodland.  The in-field woodland blocks as well as being important wildlife corridors, will provide shelter and protection for grazing livestock.”

The new trees and hedging will take up to five years to really establish themselves – whereas the oak trees are already three years old.

The project has been funded by the Trust itself and a bequest.

Ox Yard Cafe

The Cafe is open daily from 10-5pm for you to enjoy. 

Or why not bring a hamper filled with tasty goodies to enjoy in one of our picnic spots?

Two female children holding pumpkins and laughing

Autumn family fun at Buckland Abbey

Autumn is nearly here, and there are lots of family activities for you to enjoy.