Best picnic spots at Buckland

Visitors relaxing in the garden at Buckland Abbey, Devon

Whether you’re catching up with friends or spending time with family, there’s no simpler joy than sharing a picnic in the great outdoors.

Top 10 best picnic spots this Summer

How about getting friends and family together for a socially distanced picnic whilst enjoying a leisurely summer's day outdoors? 

1. The Main Lawn

Pack a picnic basket and head to the sloping lawns in front of the main Abbey to get a fantastic view of the house. It is a great space to bring some garden games or complete No 2. of the 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 - which is to roll down a really big hill!

Summer sun and a good book
A couple sitting on the grass and enjoying a book
Summer sun and a good book

2. Picnic Pods outside the Great Barn

Here at Buckland, we love all things creepy crawlies and especially pollinators who are vital for flowers to grow and bloom and they help look after the words delicate eco-system. 

We have left some areas of the garden grasses to grow extra long to help these little beasties - but we have created some picnic pods for you to sit amongst the grass so you can still enjoy your picnics. 

Picnic pods
areas in the grass cut to put a picnic rug down
Picnic pods

3. The cider garden

Just tucked behind the main Abbey walls is a great secret garden which is full of colour in the summer months. The cider garden has a beautiful hot border with lots of varieties of flowers and has a large lawn in the centre great for a picnic.

View from the wild garden down Cott Lane
View sunny grassland with a gate in the background
View from the wild garden down Cott Lane

3. The 'red' route on the woodland walks

Ranger Steve thinks that the best picnic spot is at the end of the red route where there is a nice bench to sit down and has the best views of Buckland's estate. 

Find a peaceful spot on one of the estate walks
A quiet spot on the estate
Find a peaceful spot on one of the estate walks

The red route takes you through the wide open fields and woodlands.

4. Pony paddock along the blue route.

The blue route is Bucklands longest walk, but along this route you can see two of Bucklands long term residents. They are 2 rescued Dartmoor Ponies called Benny and Ziggy.

Their little area of grass is now affectionatly known as the Pony Paddock in their honor.

This is a great spot to set up camp and enjoy a few sandwiches in the sunshine.

Please do not feed the ponies though, as they are still quite shy and scared of humans, but they do like it if you give them a wave. 

Visitors walking around the estate

5. The Apple Orchard

Buckland was once famous for its orchards and apple farming by the Cistercian monks who once lived here.

Apple orchards at Buckland
The gate through to the apple orchards
Apple orchards at Buckland

Head into the orchard just at the start of the estate walks and sit in the shade under the apple trees and enjoy the breath taking views of the original Abbey complex. 

Forgot your picnic?

Not to worry! The restaurant has a selcection of Childrens picnics which you can make up which includes a sandwich, drink and a snack. 

Family time
Mother and child enjoying a drink
Family time