Eat a picnic in the wild

9 Men's Morris at Buckland Abbey

Find the perfect picnic spot. You don’t have to go far, your back garden can be just as fun as going further away. And enjoy a picnic in the wild.

Find the perfect picnic spot

Why not complete no.9 of the 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 and enjoy a wild picnic?

Pick a sunny day when it’s unlikely to rain – no one likes soggy sandwiches! Are there other adventures you can have along the way? Could you try out more of our '50 things' activities, like making some wild art or getting to know a tree? 

Download the link below and have some fun!

Home activities - Eat a wild picnic (PDF / 0.1748046875MB) download

What's for lunch?

It’s time to raid the fridge!
It’s amazing what you can create with just a few ingredients. Sandwiches, salads, pasta and fruit all make for a tasty lunch.

Take inspiration from nature and try making a picnic using fruit and vegetables that are in season. In spring you could add peas and green beans to cooked pasta or make a salad using new potatoes.

Try an indoor picnic

Have you ever tried a carpet picnic? Put a cosy blanket on the floor and have your picnic indoors. Why not invite all your favourite toys and have a teddy bears picnic?

Top Tip:

After you've eaten lie down on your picnic blanket and look at the sky - what can you see? Try spotting characters and animals in the clouds – cloud watching is no. 33 in our '50 things'.

Had fun?

We would love to know! Please share any pictures of your picnic or tasty treat ideas on our Facebook page.

Hungry for more?

Each week we will be posting various ideas and activities for you to complete at home. From craft activities to exploring the world with Francis Drake - you can download and print off any of the sheets from the website.