Meet the lambs day

Little lamb looking at the camera

Nothing says it's spring, quite like the arrival of lambs. Why not come along and meet our farmer James Eggins and say hello to the new members of Buckland's sheep family?

Lambing at Buckland

Lambing here at Buckland is very important. Not only is it a part of our heritage, as the Cistercian monks were known for their sheep farming. The grazing process helps us look after the natural eco system here. 

By being out on the grounds and doing what they do best – grazing – they provide us a natural way of keeping the grass down. This helps us to look after this precious landscape without damaging it via mechanical human methods.

Meeting the lambs

Head out on Sunday 19th April and come and meet our tenant farmer James Eggins in the Great Barn as he brings a small selection of these little beuties. 

You will be able to head out on a walk with our Ranger team and look at nature friendly grazing techniques and also get up close with some bottle feeding. 

Leaping lambs
Lambs leaping
Leaping lambs

What else is happening?

Head along to the school room where there will be a chance to make a little lamb craft to take home.

Sunday 19th April, 11:30-3:00, this is a free activity, but if you would like to leave a donation, this will be very welcomed. 

Family crafting
Family doing crafts
Family crafting

What is happening and when?

  • 11am-4pm - Meet the new born lambs in the Great Barn
  • 11am-3pm - Lamb/sheep-themed family crafting in the Great Barn or School Room
  • 11.30-12.30 - Ranger-led estate walk (nature friendly grazing/farming)
  • 12.30-1pm - Farmer’s talk
  • 1pm  - Bottle feeding
  • 1.30-2.30pm - Ranger-led estate walk (nature friendly grazing/farming)
  • 2.30pm - Farmer’s talk
  • 3pm - Bottle feeding
Nature friendly farming
Lambs in the countryside
Nature friendly farming